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LLFoR Moves into 2017 with New Leadership

After four years as Project Director of the group he founded with Texas Black Bass Unlimited (TBBU) Tom McDonough is resigning from the Board of Directors, effective January 1, 2017. Scott Ball, a member of Heartwood Chapter of Master Naturalists (HCMG) and a part-time Lake Livingston resident, will step into the role of Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs (LLFoR) Project Director.

Scott takes over the growing project ranked as one of the largest fresh water aquatic plant restoration projects in North America. He joined the LLFoR Board in 2016 as Director of Research and Logistics, bringing a wealth of project management experience and connections to a broader pool of resources through (HCMGC). Current board members: Chairman Ed Parten (TBBU), Director of Communications Beth Miller (San Jacinto County Texas Master Gardeners - SJCTMG), and Director of Outreach and Finance Ron Diderich (Piney Woods Lake Chapter of Texas Master Naturalist - PWCTMN); remain fully committed to the project and working with Scott.

“Watching our group of adult volunteers, mostly retirees, join with hundreds of high school kids to propagate and plant nearly 10,000 Water-willows has made my work with LLFoR one of my proudest efforts,” said McDonough. “This project is far from over, with at least another 8 years before the planned 10-year completion. I’m excited to watch Scott and the all-volunteer team take it forward to make Lake Livingston a thriving aquatic habitat for birds and fish and an active recreational site for fishing, camping, birding, hiking, and all water sports.”

Tom has lead LLFoR from vision to reality, building a multigenerational volunteer team and supporting partnerships with seven (7) school districts; Texas Parks and Wildlife; Trinity River Authority; Friends of Reservoirs, a part of the National Fish Habitat Partnership; Polk and San Jacinto Counties; Cities of Onalaska and Livingston; and most recently the O.B. Ellis Unit of Texas Department of Corrections. The PWLCTMN and SJCTMG have also played critical roles in getting the Project started and providing many volunteer hours and important guidance. Tom is resigning due to health reasons but will remain as Transitional Advisor to the LLFoR Board and an active volunteer.

“While we’re sorry to see Tom step off the LLFoR Board, the infrastructure and process he’s put in place will keep us clearly moving toward our goal of expanding aquatic habitat in Lake Livingston,” said Ed Parten, LLFoR Board Chairman and TBBU Board Member. “He has moved virtual mountains to get this project going. It’s time for him focus on his health as he continues to share his valuable knowledge and insight on the project.”

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