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Aquatic & Riparian Restoration on Lake Livingston

Upcoming Plantings



Long an exceptional fresh water fishery and a haven for ducks, wading birds and other wildlife, Lake Livingston is nearly 60 years old. It has lost much of its aquatic habitat and the water quality has declined.


Friends of Lake Livingston is restoring habitat for fish and wildlife populations by adding aquatic and riparian plants to  create feeding and breeding grounds and  reducing erosion!   


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FoLL is a multi-generational volunteer team of 150+ high school students and 50 adults, whose ages range from 16 to 80+.  We gather for large and small planting events that feature in and out of water activities.  

If you have a desire to create new and productive habitats in and around Lake Livingston, get in touch.  We have a job for you!

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FoLL Activities and Partners

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